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Igbo Language

Frequently Asked Questions 

 Below are some frequently asked questions that we get. If your question is not answered above, please head over to our contact page to get in touch

What is Learn Igbo Now all about?

Learn Igbo Now creates unique and useful learning resources about Igbo language, History and culture for both adults and children.
These include short online courses, private group coaching membership, and a range of Igbo themed merch like apparel, mugs and so on.

I need private Igbo lessons / a teacher for myself and my child?

We do not currently teach one-to-one or offer in person lessons. However, we have two private membership groups , Learn Igbo Now Challenge (for teens and adults), and Learn Igbo Kids Club (For Children). Self learning materials and support is provided within these groups.

Which Igbo dialect do you use in teaching and creating Learn Igbo materials?

Unless otherwise stated, all our learning materials are designed using standard spoken and written Igbo (Igbo Izugbe). This is the version used in education, publishing and broadcasting.

Are your materials designed for classroom use / for teachers?

At the moment, our materials are mostly designed for personal use and self / home learning .
In future, we may decide create teaching materials for Igbo tutors.

Do you have any money back guarantees?

For our Learn Igbo Clubs, we offer a 90 day full money back guarantee if you can show that you have carried out all the tasks that you are given daily , attended the support practice sessions and were still unable to make any progress.

Once you are able to show that you carried out the tasks and still didn't make any progress, we will give you your money back. This is because we are confident from experience that once you are able to commit to doing the tasks 15 minutes everyday for at least 90 days, there is a very high chance of success.

Where can I buy your physical books?

All the physical Igbo books we currently have available can be bought from Amazon Worldwide.

We do not currently have any plans of using any other supplier.

We would like to collaborate with you on an Igbo related / Black history project.

I have worked with various organisations like Universities, Govt Agencies, Museums, Publishing Houses, Film Companies, Theatres and so on in projects that involve Igbo language and Black / African history. Get in touch to discuss further.

I would like to learn Igbo language but I don't know where to start

Learning a new language can be quite daunting and the old ways of learning languages have been proven not to work every time. You can start by getting watching the videos on our You Tube channel , and also looking at information about joining our clubs , to see if it will work for you.

I am an Igbo teacher. Can you give me a Job?

Unfortunately, we are not looking to hire Igbo teachers at the moment. If the situation changes, we will announce it on our social media handles and our newsletter.

Where can I see samples of your Igbo language materials?

You can see samples of our Igbo learning videos on our Youtube channel and our other social media accounts.

I am not based in the UK. Can I still use your Igbo learning materials?

Learn Igbo Now is accessible to anyone all over the world with an internet connection. 
Our online membership is also accessible via a mobile app. 

Where are you based?

I am based in the UK.