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Igbo Language

About Us

 The Learn Igbo Now Club was founded with one vision: to empower every person of Igbo descent to become a confident Igbo Speaker even with the busy lifestyle they live right now.

Yvonne Mbanefo

Ndeewo! Greetings!

My name is Yvonne Chioma Mbanefo.

I help people of Igbo descent ( and/or their spouses!) get confident in speaking Igbo language whilst reconnecting with their Identity by exploring the culture, history and heritage.

As a young mum many years ago, I used to trawl the internet looking for the right materials to keep my kids busy and also teach them about Igbo language history and culture without them yawning with boredom! There were simply little or no interesting Igbo learning materials around.

The Igbo books I found when visiting Nigeria were designed for people who already knew how to speak Igbo. They were not ideal for people learning Igbo as a second language who didn't have the geographical advantage of living in Igboland and being immersed in the language and culture.

Using my digital media, education / teaching background and Igbo language skills, I started creating little tutorial videos on Youtube ... while researching modern language learning methods and seeing what other languages and cultures were doing.
Years of trial and error, learning and unlearning... and that's how Learn Igbo Now started.

Igbo language

About 12 years later, and I have :

  • Consulted for many international organizations like the BBC, The British Library, DuSable Museum Chicago USA, UK National Theatre etc. as an Igbo expert.

  • Written a bestselling Igbo dictionary for children, dual language storybooks and other materials.

  • Co-founded & organised the Annual International Igbo Conference at SOAS, University of London since 2012

  • Given a TED Global talk about the decline of African Languages (2017, TED Global, Arusha).

  • Been involved in Re-Entanglements, a SOAS, University of London and Cambridge University project about decolonizing early 19th century ethnographic Igbo archives.

  • Worked as a cultural consultant and executive producer on Equiano.Stories, a groundbreaking award winning film set in 18th century Igboland.

My years of research and experience in Igbo studies, Modern language learning methods, Translation, Pre-colonial Igbo History, Colonial Igbo history, Education and Information design have all made the quality of the learning materials designed in Learn Igbo Now exceptional. It helps our community members have a well rounded experience in reconnecting with Igbo culture and heritage.  

In the Learn Igbo Now Community, we are changing the perception of what learning Igbo language online successfully is supposed to look like. I founded The Learn Igbo Now Club to be the world’s best inclusive online community for slow, beginner and intermediate Igbo learners. Nnọọ! Welcome!

Kickstart your Igbo Learning Journey

Learn how to speak Igbo in Just 15 Minutes a Day. Access a new micro lesson daily and training plans specifically developed for slow learners by slow learners. Enjoy battle-tested advice, 24/7 Support & Accountability, weekly Zoom speaking practice + Q & A sessions, and more.
With Learn Igbo Now Clubs you’ll hit the ground running – at your own pace.

Igbl language lessons
Learn Igbo Now Challenge

Join An Inclusive Igbo Learning Community

Meet fellow Igbo learners and make friends from your area and around the world! With Learn Igbo Now Clubs, you can find learning buddies, build a lifelong habit of speaking Igbo and join a diverse community of fellow learners to support you and cheer you on as you improve your Igbo fluency.

Increase Quality Family Time with the Learn Igbo Kids Club

By utilizing our rich, multi-media Igbo lessons and our open-and-go Igbo langauage curriculum, you will create meaningful Igbo experiences with your kids and teens at home.

In the kids club, you will have access to video storybooks, printables and worksheets, as well as family-friendly activities to make your Igbo homeschooling a huge success. 

Learn Igbo Kids Club
Igbo language speakers

Find Speaking Motivation

Once you’ve started speaking Igbo, you will learn how to build confidence and consistency in your daily speaking and listening routines.

As you see improvements, learn to set and reach new goals. Get more fluent. Get more confident.

Become the fluent Igbo speaker you were meant to be and embrace your identity and heritage! The Learn Igbo Club can help you get to your Igbo fluency goals.


You can be part of our community in many ways:

Igbo language club

Learn Igbo Community

Join our no-drama, no-distraction member community so you can get the confidence to start speaking Igbo and connect with fellow learners.

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Uniting in our Struggle: Our Core Principles

Our Igbo Learning Values
  • Perseverance :
    Perseverance means to keep working towards your goal even when things are hard or take longer than expected. It is very important when learning a new language because there will be challenges and setbacks. But, if we keep working hard and supporting each other, we can overcome these challenges and succeed.

  • Positivity :
    Having a good attitude can make a big difference in how we feel and what we achieve. In the Learn Igbo Now Club, we focus on being thankful every day, making an effort daily no matter how small and sharing our successes each week. This helps us to have a more positive outlook on life and reach our igbo learning goals.

  • Determination and Dedication :
    Being determined is very important. It helps us finish things we start and reach goals that seem impossible. The Learn Igbo community wants to help you become more determined and dedicated. With those qualities, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

  • Courage:
    We embrace our internal courage and face difficulties head-on. We don't shy away from things that scare us, instead we face them with bravery and determination. Every day, we put our best foot forward and tackle challenges with courage.