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Learning Igbo Should be Fun...
a Struggle

Discover a Bounty of Engaging Lessons, Community Support, Study Guides & Interactive Activities Bringing Igbo to Life for Children, Teens, and Adults.

Our Online Learning Resources 

Igbo Sounds Workshop

    Igbo Sounds Workshop

  • Master Igbo pronunciation quickly and confidently with our comprehensive workshop, tailored to fit your schedule
    and enhance your learning experience.



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Igbo Dictionary Extended

    Companion Videos for the
    Igbo Dictionary for Children

  • Discover the engaging world of Igbo language learning with the Ọkọwaokwu Igbo Ụmụaka Extended Video Version, a dynamic and child-friendly multimedia tool designed to complement the Igbo dictionary book.



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Learn Igbo Challenge

    Learn Igbo Now Challenge 

  • A done-with you Private community with exclusive Igbo learning materials, engaging discussions, practice sessions and insights tailored for learners at all levels. We learn differently, we teach differently.


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At Learn Igbo Now, our vision is to empower everyone interested in the Igbo language & heritage to become confident speakers, accommodating even the busiest lifestyles.

Igbo Learning Community

Learn Igbo Now Community

Discover Igbo language and culture in our supportive learning community. Ideal for beginners and advanced learners alike.

Join us for a journey to Igbo fluency in a vibrant, interactive environment.

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