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Who is Yvonne Mbanefo?

Founder, Learn Igbo Now

Yvonne Chioma Mbanefo is an entrepreneur, teacher, best selling author, and busy mum dedicated to helping people improve their communication skills in Igbo language.

She couldn't find interesting Igbo language learning materials for her children, so she made a gradual shift to focus on a big gap she saw missing in the world of learning Igbo language, especially Igbo as a second language ( ISL). 

Yvonne creates online materials to help people access Igbo language tuition easily and immediately without the constraints of time, place, money or formal assessments.  

She also has a range of physical language  learning materials like textbooks, workbooks, posters, flash cards etc.

Thousands of students worldwide have benefitted from Yvonne's Igbo learning books, Online Courses, Mastermind sessions and talks.

In using the online resources, anyone with internet connection can learn how to speak, read and write in Igbo language.


Yvonne is very passionate about what she does and her mission is simple: to make learning Igbo language fun, easy and accessible