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From the desk of Yvonne Chi Mbanefo.

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In recent years we have witnessed a surge of interest in dictionary research in 2nd language contexts. Susan Knight’s research in 1994 (Dept of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Central Michigan University), demonstrates that those who used a dictionary as well as guessed through context not only learned more words immediately after reading but also remembered more after two weeks.


There is also a problem with learning words but not knowing how to pronounce the words. Igbo language is a tonal language, which means that the meaning of some Igbo words change with the way they are said.


The Video version of the Igbo Dictionary for Children

Hear and see how Igbo words and Phrases are pronounced.

Ọkọwaokwu Igbo ụmụaka - Igbo dictionary for Children is a useful resource for any child learning Igbo as a first or second language.

Children learn quicker with engaging illustrations that they can relate to;  and this dictionary comes with words, phrases and simple sentences which occur in everyday life.


With this video version, the child actually learns how to pronounce the words correctly . By hearing the right way to say the words and phrases, they will gain the confidence to say the words.


Ọkọwaokwu Igbo Ụmụaka : Igbo Dictionary for Children is the first fully illustrated modern Igbo dictionary, with over 1,200 words and illustrations.


The video version takes it to another level by making it possible for you or your child to learn how the words and phrases are pronounced.



Learn Igbo words easily, at your own pace, using one sentence stories

This dictionary is perfect for children aged 6 and above as they can easily understand the words and illustrations. It is designed for children learning on their own, with adults, or in a group. There are so many benefits to using the video version of this dictionary. 

  • Easy to use – No more struggling to teach your child Igbo language..

  • Helps you create a special bond with your child when using the dictionary together..

  • Takes the guesswork out of so many Igbo words.

  • Perfect for children at home, children at school or at Igbo learning groups.

  • Includes a search function, with a search bar to quickly look for words you need 

  • Great for beginners, with sample sentences written in simple Igbo, and English translations.

  • Designed for modern day learning.The video version can be accessed via computers, tablets, smart phones and smart TVs.

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This is one resource I wish I had when my children were younger. It is a superb reference book for children to help them learn Igbo. The dictionary is well illustrated and has useful sample sentences within its pages. Well done!

Lady Bridget Akazie (BB), Founder/Grand Patron, Umuada Igbo Organization USA

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