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About Learn Igbo Now
Learn Igbo Now (LIN) specializes in teaching “lovers of all things Igbo” how to speak Igbo language quickly and easily. No need to attend a classroom lesson: just use Learn Igbo Now (LIN) to learn Igbo when and where it is most convenient for you. Listen or watch the lessons on your media device (iPod / ipad, MP3 player, Computer, Kindle etc).

Our aim is to provide the highest quality lessons, content and materials, but also to keep things fun, whether it’s for adults or children. Our ethos is this: If you enjoy it, you’ll learn faster and more effectively.

Ok! I guess you want to know the person behind all this icon smile About Us .
Yvonne Chioma Mbanefo About UsMy name is  Chiọma Yvonne Mbanefo and I live in London, UK with my family.

I am a Digital / Social Media Lecturer and Consultant .  I am also a qualified elearning and Information designer. I read,write and speak Igbo language fluently. Learn Igbo Now came to life when I decided to combine my digital media and Igbo language skills .

This website was created for a number of reasons. Initially, to give my children a proper resource to learn everything they can about their roots, language and culture. Despite our best intentions, we don’t speak igbo to them as often as we should. Yes they know the regular greetings and can understand a simple conversation in Igbo, but they are still not very fluent in speaking the Igbo language. This is common with many children of Igbo descent living in the diaspora. We have also noticed that some Igbo kids who live in Nigeria cannot speak Igbo.

Learn Igbo Now (LIN) . What it says on the cover is what it is – Learn Igbo at once. What you see is what you get. Easy, conversational Igbo- using scenarios, subjects and things that you encounter everyday. A section also deals with the igbo culture, even for those who speak igbo but don’t know much about the culture of Ndi Igbo (Igbo People).

This course was designed using the world’s most current and most thoroughly researched approach in second language acquisition. This method is called TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling). The LIN course covers all the pedagogical and andragogical approaches to education and learning .
We hope you will find this website useful – Do let us know if you have any thoughts or suggestions

Daalụ Rinne (Thanks a lot) for stopping by. Ka emesịa (see you soon!)